Machining Services

Prime Engine offers a variety of machining services for industrial, natural gas, diesel and automotive engine components.  A meticulous team, whose concern of well done work is a source of motivation.

We can count on the know-how and the constant concern of our qualified technicians so that it is possible for us to offer you complete services of:

  • Block Services -Surfacing, Cylinder Boring & Honing, Align honing/boring, Counter bore repairs, sleeving, Crack repair by stitching,  NDT- inspections.

We can perform in-frame machining;  C-bores repairs, boring & honing, these services can be also performed in the field.


  • Crankshaft Services - Journal buildup, straightening, grinding & polishing, balancing. 

Our equipment can handle crankshafts for automotive, diesel & NG engines. We can also repair small to medium size compressor crankshafts. 


  • Connecting Rod Services - Prime has the capacity to recondition con-rods from many applications. Our special machines can bore center to center with great accuracy on bend, twist and length. Con rods from automotive, diesel, natural gas engines and gas compressors or mud pump application can be repaired. 

  • Our services include resizing, re-bushing and magnetic particle inspection.




  • Cylinder Head Services - we can repair and rebuild cylinder heads for:

  • automotive, 

  • diesel and

  • natural gas engines and compressors 

Each cylinder head is cleaned, inspected for service defects using magnetic particle or liquid penetrant method. 

Each cylinder head for diesel & natural gas applications is pressure tested and reconditioned to OEM specs..  


  • Camshafts - we can recondition cams for most diesel and industrial applications including NG & diesel White Superior 825 engines. We can also recondition cam followers & rocker arms. 


  • Nondestructive Testing - magnetic particle; wet and dry method, Liquid Penetrant Testing